Registered Nurse: The Most Rewarding Healthcare Career

Registered nurses have a lot of different tasks. They usually work at a healthcare facility, and they help patients in a lot different areas. In addition to helping patients and their families, registered nurses also undertake a lot of different administrative tasks, as well as making sure the patients and their families are properly educated about the patient’s condition and the care they need to be getting at home. Their tasks include keeping and archiving medical records of patients, administering medication and constant monitoring of patients and their vital signs. They help doctors in planning the patient’s medical care plan, as well as consult with other members of their team. Registered nurses also help in performing and analyzing tests and test’s results among their other duties.

1.    Different Specializations

Registered nurses can specialize in many different healthcare fields. A few of the most common specializations are listed below.

Neonatology: Nurses specializing in this field take care of newborns who are prematurely born or have infections, defects and other health issues. Infants usually leave the neonatal ward after a few weeks, but that care can go up to two years.

Intensive care: Nurses who specialize in this field work with critically ill patients, or patients who are terminal. They work in different facilities like intensive care unit, trauma unit or coronary care unit. Commonly referred to as ICU nurses, they help patients who are on life support or dying. It is one of the most psychologically demanding specialization.

Addiction: Nurses who keep records of patients who are addicted to drugs or other substances. They help patients go through their psychological and physiological addictions, and have extensive knowledge in mental health and psychology of addicts.

In addition, an RN can specialize in pediatrics, ER and other healthcare fields.

2.    Working environment

Being a RN means working in a tight, and sometimes stressful environment. Registered nurses that work in big metropolitan hospitals might find themselves working irregular hours. They can also work at physician’s offices, ERs, rehabilitation centers, and other types of facilities, like nursing homes. They all require training on the job and further specialization, however, a registered nurse can always change her specialization with minimum extra work. They do need to be prepared to work in different shifts, to work weekends and holidays, as well as nights. They work on their feet, with a lot of standing and walking. They need to be constantly on alert, and be able to assess the patient’s health very fast and get help if it’s needed. Nurses also need excellent communication skills, as they often have the most interpersonal contact with patients and their families. While it’s a very tough and physically demanding job, it is also very rewarding, as they help people when they need help the most.

3.    Education requirements and certification

RN’s need to have at least an Associate’s Degree. These programs last two years, and focus on anatomy, biology, physiology and nutrition, as well as social sciences, communication and humanities. After that, an aspiring RN can complete another two years and get a Bachelor’s Degree in nursing. This program can be a bit more difficult as it includes health assessment classes and health and emergency care. After graduation, in order to be eligible for work, nurses need to pass the National Council Licensure Examination (NCLEX-RN). Once they pass, they are eligible to start working as entry-level nurses, and can further specialize per opportunities and promotion vacancies.


4.    Salary and job outlook

The median annual wage for RNs is $67,490, as of May, 2015. The lowest possible pay is $46,360, while the highest is around $101,603 per year. This depends on specialization, education level, and industry the nurse works at. RN career has a projected growth of 16% by 2024, much more than other professions. The number of employed registered nurses today is about 2,751,000, while the projected number by that year is 3,190,300. These aspects make a career as a registered nurse very attractive for people who are interested in working in healthcare.

08 Sep 2016

Call it Friendo…

I heard this song in a video game commercial on TV. I googled the commercial and found the song name and band. Then I googled the song name and band and found a fan video made from clips of a movie made from one of my favorite books that I read when I was in Montana. Now a guy from the California knows about a band from Austin, Texas. Then I posted this video and the above information to this blog. This all occurred within the last 11 minutes. In ten years, that will be 10 minutes too long.

Good night and good luck.


02 Nov 2010

Rest in Peace, Andy Hummel of Big Star

Right on the heels of Alex Chilton, Big Star bassist Andy Hummel has died at 59.

Hummel didn’t write a lot for Big Star, but he did contribute one of their best–the glorious “Way Out West.”

Rest in peace, Andy. I hope you are enjoying the reunion with Alex and Chris and working on some material I can check out when my time comes.

Big Star – “Way Out West”

19 Jul 2010

Tom Jones goes Gospel: “Did Trouble Me”

Tom Jones, now seventy, has recorded an album of Gospel songs entitled Praise and Blame.

Maybe not so many panties thrown onstage next tour, but the single is excellent. I’m curious to know if roots-music fans and AAA radio will pick it up.

I suppose this is similar to what Johnny Cash did with his American Recordings series, but Tom doesn’t try to be Johnny Cash (at least not on this number). It sounds like a natural evolution–the bombast is still there, but in service of a song appropriately sung by a man late in life.

I like it.

Tom Jones – “Did Trouble Me”

For old time’s sake…

Tom Jones – “Without Love”

17 Jul 2010

Album Review: Eminem – Recovery

I suspect every review of Eminem’s new album, Recovery, will rightfully open with these words: Guess who’s back?

After three straight masterpieces and some excellent contributions to the soundtrack of his movie 8 Mile, Eminem tanked on Encore and Relapse. He’s far too talented for those albums to have been completely worthless, but they were a pale shadow of his previous accomplishments. Exhibit A that something was wrong: Not only did he think “Ass Like That” was worth recording, he thought it was a worthy single.

He knows he let us down: “Them last two albums didn’t count. Encore I was on drugs, Relapse I was flushing ’em out.”

Clean, sober, and determined to get his groove back, Eminem gets so back to basics that Recovery is more stripped down than his major-label debut, The Slip Shady LP. Gone are the stupid skits (the bane of far too many rap albums) and even the traditional album closer first line, “A lot of people ask me…” Recovery is all music, no gimmicks.

And fine music it is. While Recovery doesn’t quite reach the heights of the holy trinity of The Slim Shady LP, The Marshall Mathers LP, and The Eminem Show, it comes damn close. The one bit of filler, the lame sex rap “Seduction,” is almost necessary to give the listener a chance to catch his breath before a furious second half that opens with an absolutely menacing cameo by Lil Wayne on “No Love” and never lets up for a second.

Along the way, Eminem notches what will probably be the single of the year, “Love the Way You Lie,” where an aching chorus from Rihanna (not content with only having 2007’s single of the year, apparently) anchors a wonderfully-strummed guitar bed for Marshall’s heartbroken rhymes. It’s a tremendous song, and it will seal his comeback the moment it hits radio.

Shady’s back. Tell a friend.

Eminem – “Not Afraid”

Eminem (with Rihanna) – “Love the Way You Lie”

19 Jun 2010

Rest in Peace, the Mighty Ronnie James Dio

Today my heart is broken, Ronnie passed away at 7:45am 16th May. Many, many friends and family were able to say their private good-byes before he peacefully passed away. Ronnie knew how much he was loved by all. We so appreciate the love and support that you have all given us. Please give us a few days of privacy to deal with this terrible loss. Please know he loved you all and his music will live on forever.

– Wendy Dio

Well, that sucks.

Dio was responsible for Rainbow’s great “Man on the Silver Mountain” before doing something almost no one has ever done–successfully joining a popular existing band that had lost a charismatic frontman. Heaven and Hell is acknowledged by metal-lovers as standing proudly side-by-side with the classic early Black Sabbath albums with Ozzy Osbourne.

His solo career produced at least three classics: “Holy Diver,” “Rainbow in the Dark,” and my favorite metal song of all time, “The Last in Line.”

In my imagination, I picture the Mighty Dio going to hell with his broadsword and slaying numerous devils and demons before his final confrontation with Satan himself. Slay, Dio, slay. Rock, Dio, rock.

Rainbow — “Man on the Silver Mountain”

Black Sabbath – “Neon Knights”

Dio – “The Last in Line”

Oh my goodness, do I love this song.

And I suppose this obituary wouldn’t be proper without acknowledging the greatest video in the history of videos.

Dio – “Holy Diver”

Did you know that Dio is largely responsible for popularizing the “devil horns” hand of rock? Is there anything awesome Dio didn’t do?

16 May 2010